Legal Malpractice Defense / Bar Grievance Defense

Legal Malpractice Defense / Bar Grievance Defense

Bar complaints and formal grievances can certainly put stress on any lawyer. When bar complaints are filed, reputations are put at risk and every bar complaint is taken of a serious matter. When a formal complaint is filled action must be taken quickly. The Bar Complaint won’t go away, and will likely get worse if no action is taken. The Florida Bar grievance process can be daunting for those attorneys trying to practice while dealing with a complaint. Mr. Halkitis has helped attorneys navigate this process, and has also represented attorneys sued for legal malpractice.

Legal Malpractice Steps

Some steps should be taken immediately to avoid further issues in the future.

  • Attorney’s will want to notify the liability insurance carrier and make them aware they may need to access disciplinary defense coverage.
  • Find a trusted counsel to represent you. Just like you tell your clients, it’s foolish to represent yourself.
  • Lastly, learn from your mistakes and move onward.

Regardless of the validity of the claims, realize that you may have done something to get into this situation, and adjust your business practices accordingly to better protect yourself and your firm in the future to avoid disciplinary actions from the courts.

Types of Discipline

The Court can impose four types of discipline:

  • Public reprimand
  • Suspension from practice for a definite period of time normally from six months to two years
  • Suspension from practice for a long period of time generally (at least two years)
  • Disbarment, which means the loss of license for life with no chance for readmittance to the Florida Bar
  • The attorney may also resign the right to practice law. If this takes place then resigning is the same as being permanently disbarred.

At Halkitis Law our goal is to efficiently resolve complaints quickly and efficiently. We work to handle the full range of complex cases.

How We Handle Your Case

We will work strategically and carefully on your case and we are prepared to:

  • Work to resolve issues before complaints have been filed
  • Represent lawyers before the grievance committees
  • Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the case
  • Respond to initial inquiries or complaints
  • Handle proceedings before a referee
  • Represent legal professionals in sanction hearings and appeals

In all things, situations like this give us an opportunity to learn and improve which minimizes your chances of landing in the same situation again in the future. For more information please contact Halkitis Law today.

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